Can the Librem 5 currently receive texts on T-Mobile?

So, I’ve been waiting for my Librem 5 since it has been a birthday gift in 2019, and my current OnePlus One is finally at the point where it has a problem that’s really hard to ignore: Almost no service anywhere at all, meaning that I cannot get texts for 2FA and such. I think this may be related to VoLTE requirements. It has been getting worse and worse over the past couple years and currently is at the point where it is extremely rare for me to get any service at all.

So, I am wondering if my Librem 5, when it arrives, will finally solve this issue, or if more work needs to be done. Is texting functionality currently working correctly on T-Mobile?

I’ll let someone with a L5 and using T-Mobile to fully confirm, but if is to be believed, then SMS is indeed working on T-Mobile.

I am in a similar boat as you. My L5 was a 2019 Xmas gift and I too am “upgrading” compared to my current phone.

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I am using a T-Mobile SIM on my L5 through Consumer Cellular. I am receiving text msgs.

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I’m on T-Mobile. Yes, SMS on the L5 works with T-Mobile.