Can we buy modems from Purism?

A discussion about changing IMEIs got me thinking of why don’t just buy several modems and use them as “burners”?
Tried to find the PLS8-E as a M.2 module, but couldn’t find any on alibaba and several other vendors…

Would be a different modem suitable as well, I mean it’s connected via USB, so any modem should “work” in one way or another (I don’t really care if voice is working for example for every modem) or am I completely wrong?


This is because there is no such thing. It’s custom made for pursim. They get the chips from gemalto in germany and a company in the us is making a m.2 module for them.

Yes i believe so too. Voice, open source driver and no runtime loaded firmware is the big problem for sourcing a suitable modem i think. But if these are all not of that much importance for you, then you can probably find a lot more options / alternatives.


You got me curious
Buy several modems and use them as “burners” - sounds like hacker talk
Do you care to explain ?

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Apart from the few instances that I’d find morally justifiable (e.g. whistleblowing, or using different identities for travelling), I was wondering if those interested in changing/burning IMEIs are aware that in addition to changing the IMEI they’d have to also use a new SIM that was never used with another IMEI, is not registered on their name and never used in a location where they usually reside.

And yet, it might be cheaper to buy the cheapest (new or used) Androids on the market than buying replacement modems…

More on topic, I’d also hope that Purism will offer to buy extra modems in the shop. But maybe not day one. Those who have an urgent need should probably contact them directly.


I’d change it only 2 clone my phone, in case L5 comes with an adequate modem w/ VoLTE , but carrier refuses to activate that feature, just bc the device itself/modem too is not certified. swap out the SIM and continue using the phone.

I was wondering if they would sell them too. Would be nice to have the option to have both modems - Gemalto & BroadMobi, so I can switch if I find issues with one


Well if its custom made then why doesnt it support hardly any us bands? I figured purism bought some new old stock to save money.

So they intentionally left out some of the most widely used rural bands like 12?

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Soldering a chip on a board doesn’t magically add new functionality to the chip…


he would also have to open the “back” by unscrewing the lid first then take out the current m2 and put another in then put the screws back and screw them in (assuming he didn’t lose them while running to the airport).

can’t really do it in a vibrating-moving car either since very precise movements are required. not exactly a great choice even if you do have the propper m2s with the modems and sims installed.

Like @Caliga said, they by the modem as a raw bga chip and the custom part is to make a m.2 card auto of it. To refere to the supportet baseband. So they could have used other chips to solder on the custom m.2 card which support other/more bands. But i think gemalto gave them the most of the other features they look for. No runtime firmware, free driver, voice support.


It would be nice to be able to buy additional modems, especially when traveling. E.g. the US version of the available models from Purism will not work at all in Japan…

For people traveling more, maybe we’ll have to settle for another option with firmware blobs?


Even within the US, there might be good reasons to change modems (change carriers, location with different technology for coverage). I would not be surprised if an aftermarket M.2 is created for the Librem 5. Proprietary runtime firmware would be no problem for a company that is not trying to achieve “Respects Your Freedom” certification.

I know the implication of the IMSI as well, but this thread is about modems only. SIMs are easy to change, a suitable modem is not.

I’m not part of an international criminal enterprise, so no need for hurry while changing the modems or SIMs :smiley:
And having a bag full of modems is much better in my opinion than having a bag full of old mobile phones :slight_smile:


Good idea, I would buy few modems if software IMEI change will not be possible.

mmm, my concern has slowly become “crap, where do I have this thing set to ship to?” as I read threads regarding the modem(s).

If there is going to be any issue of working in the US vs elsewhere I’mma need “elsewhere” lol. My shipping address is USA, but I’m only there about 1.5 months a year… Thoughts? Advice?

Danke y’all, take good care.

It seems unlikely that the modem will be based on shipping address. As I understood it you will be contacted about which modem you want when they are ready to ship. So your ordering address should not affect which modem you get.


Rawk. Danke for the heads-up.

I may need two modems for home and travel.

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i guess this is debatable and depends on how you organise how large/slim/heavy those “old” mobile-phones are … i read “old” as in classic but it could be you meant something else …

Insert “non smartphones”

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Any official information regarding extra modems? I’d love to have a few disposable modem modules.

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