Can we checkout without creating an account?

I will appreciate a guest checkout like many other sites

Did you mean

checkout - proceed to pay for something that you are purchasing?
check out - view posts in this forum?

As far as I can see, you can view posts in this forum without having an account.

Paying for something without an account may depend on whether you are pre-ordering or buying something that is available now. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to pre-order without an account since Purism may need to contact purchasers and solicit information (multiple times, en masse) between the time of order and the time the product has been developed, tested, built, QCd and is available to deliver.

If this is your meaning, what were you trying to buy?

If the above is what you are driving at … yes, occasionally on a random web site I will go through the checkout process without creating an account. But if the vendor is a good one, inevitably I will order again from them and then I will have wanted an account. So it can come down to … how certain are you that this is a one off? If you are ordering a casket for yourself then yes. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, maybe you don’t trust the web site to hold your details securely and failure is less likely if you don’t create an account i.e. you hope the details are used and then thrown away.

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Your are referring to a webshop account to purchase our products?

No at this moment we do not have guest accounts in our webshop.