Can we get this case for the L5?

Came across this magical device. Check it out. I like that it’s minimalist but provides maximum protection for the phone. Cost isn’t discussed in the article, but interesting idea.


I get the impression this doesn’t care much about the size of the phone. It’s not a form-fitting case.

So I would imagine that when this hits the market, it could be used.

I don’t know how it actually attaches to the phone.

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You can see the silicone rubber frame around the phone . The springs and sensors package behind the phone should fit behind L5 but will add much more than a classic case - though also protect it more. I wonder if it uses some electronics and battery or could it be “clockwork” (mechanical)?

There are several special case concepts that I’d like. Some day, I hope, there will be a case that combines them. Like this + foldable microdrone + usb-c-hub + extra battery + solar charger back + additional sensors + … etc. And it will only add 0.5mm! :exploding_head:

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That was a startup idea that never seen the market, sadly! I was registered as follower but never received email to buy it!
So it remain a concept! Anyway it’s limited to “high” distances because if L5 falls to the ground from “small” distance, it doesn’t open (that’s, probably, why didn’t arrive to the market).

Here website: ADcase Shop – ADcase-Shop


We missed a joke opportunity: It’s like with rocks. From small distances it’s ok - the rock is not harmed. From orbit, it’s catastrophic. It’s not for protecting L5 from impact - it’s for protecting everything else from L5s impact :wink:


With a little more work it could open up with four little fans and hover like a drone!


I’m gonna wait for the LALO parachute version to come out…should be next year sometime.