Can we please stop hijacking Ctrl+F?

I notice that the normal browser page search function (Ctrl+F) is being hijacked by the site. This was apparently intended to allow more comprehensive search. I don’t want to eliminate that functionality, but can we please map it to some other key combo? I really don’t want to search for keywords in a manner that submits them in real time, as opposed to performing just a local page search at my end.


This has always annoyed me, too! I also would like to be able to display the entire discussion at once, rather than bit by bit.


Actually, as the software does not load the full thread, the built-in search is very useful!
(Else, you’ll miss most of the content of long threads)

It only annoyed me until I found out that pressing Ctrl+F a second time brings up the regular browser find dialog.
(Today, for some reason, Ctrl+F always brings up the browser find for me… :thinking:)


For me it depends on topic length. If topic does not fit on one screen, the cftrl-f is hijacked.


I remember abusing control-G for to ring the bell on Teletype!

Solved then?

As for the original question, the answer may well be “no” i.e. Discourse functionality that can’t be reconfigured.

My own opinion is that any hijacking of browser functionality is poor design - and the browser should either not allow it or be able to be configured so as to prevent it. In other words, you could equally raise this as a complaint against your browser.

OK, at least we have a workaround. Thanks @Caliga @Dwaff . So completely unintuitive. (Why can’t they just make it Ctrl+somethingelse for online search? Nevermind, @kieran is right so it’s not doing to change.)

I noticed that the official keyboard shortcut is actually Ctrl + Alt + f which opens forum search even with short threads. Interesting that the Ctrl + f is used as well.

For the curious, all the other keyboard shortcuts: click hamburger menu open (upper right corner), bottom item opens a screen showing them.