Can you order anonymously?

Thinking of getting a librum 5 and 13… but I want to do it 100% anomalously. I dont want anyone knowing what device I am using by having it somehow connected with my credit card.

So… has anyone tried ordering with a pseudonym and Monero? I suppose you would have to have the device shipped to a neighbors house as well.

Has anyone ordered and received anything from Purism without divulging ANY personal information?

I know im getting the L5 and 13. Question is, should I pre order now and save 50$ (not that big of a deal), or work on getting some monero and finding out how to get it ordered anonymously?

Also, best place to buy Monero? Its been almost two years since I left the crypto scene. gonna get back into it now, especially since monero will have real integration with the L5

If I order the LIbrem Key, I want to order it with the same order as my librem 13. That way the Key will be tied to the 13 at location, and shipped seperately so that when they arrive, they key can show the 13 wasnt tampered with… is this correct?

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Seems like a PO box would be a more straightforward way to avoid giving out your address.

Thanks. Though kinda off topic.
Also this.

To bring it back on topic, your response could highlight the importance of having trustless ways of privately purchasing tech.
If one is a political dissident, one may be concerned that someone with a competing political ideaology might not treat your product’s security in the same way they would treat another products security.

… though this discussion would be interesting to continue in another thread. Ill make another one soon.

Lets keep this one to the practical aspects of how to order Purism products anonymously.
Weather or not Purism would keep to their privacy principals when facing verboten but legal political ideologies is an interesting topic deserving of its own thread.

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I ordered with Monero without any problems. I used my name and address though.

Being Canaidan I also had to pay the import fees at canada post…

If you are in the US, find someone “nearby” whom you trust and order it through them. You pay them (cash). They pay Purism (by CC). The order comes to their house. You collect from their house.

I know that isn’t ideal for what you asked for.

Yeah, whatevah… …