Can you use Skype as VoiP service

Yes, I know - why contaminate your pure device with the devil.
Unfortunately I need a cheap way to call abroad and Voip seems it might be the way
will skype voip service work with L5

Use GNU Jami or Linphone.

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Do you mean that either of those packages supports Skype (is compatible with Skype) or do you mean that the person at the other end should use different software to start with?

Definitely the latter.

Happy to hear any VoIP alternatives to Skype

Well there was a time when Purism promoted their own Matrix client called Revolt, but I have not heard about it for years now, probably because they are working on Matrix integration with Chatty instead.

is Matrix a VoIP?

I got a new XMPP number from for “VOIP” and I haven’t looked back. I can call my brother in France whenever I feel like it. I think I pay $5.00 a month. It integrates with Dino and, sort of, with Chatty. I also use it in a web browser through I installed a webapp and can message and call people very well through that Webapp with the number. Works darn good.

See here for more information: VOIP with and gajim


If one signs up before the end of August at the old beta price ($2.99/month), they can prepay for up to 3 years and keep the beta price for the entire period.

Only US and Canada numbers are available, though. (I think people in other countries are eligible for an account, but with a US or Canada number only.)

phone calls + SMS + MMS

Looks promising.
Thank you!

Thank you - I am in the UK and having a USA number may be difficult?

But see Q10 here for an alternative.

Be aware of the full plan costs for JMP itself (not the above alternative option):

  • $4.99 / month
  • includes unlimited in/out SMS and MMS, including international messages
  • includes $1.0440 of calling credit per calendar month
  • incoming calls $0.0087 / minute
  • [Outbound call charges, per country](

A basic no-frills VOIP account from some provider would be truly cheap, but might have voice calls only, maybe basic SMS. I use Callcentric for VOIP (in addition to JMP for XMPP).

People use my assigned number and I pay for receiving their call?

Yeah, once your included monthly $1.04 balance is used up. But the caller would also be paying their usual rate, too.

So what rate would a caller from outside the USA be paying?

Still look like North America
I’ll try to look around in the UK/|Europe

Best to contact JMP with questions. See Q9 in their FAQ link.

You can get a UK number from Callcentric:

With VOIP providers you usually have to get an incoming calls plan and an outgoing calls plan. You can pick and choose according to your expected monthly call volume.

Thank you very much for the info.
Trully appreciated

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Matrix is a protocol designed for real-time communication such as VoIP, so it is similar to XMPP.