Canadian Librem15v3 for sale

Hey guys,

I’m in Ontario and I’m looking to sell my Librem15 v3 (with tpm) 16GB ram.

Order Date: June 16, 2018

I had a problem with the battery last year and got it replaced with Purism just before my 1 year warranty was up. the new battery would give out around 40% so I ordered a new one from canada-laptop-battery[dot]com so far it has been solid but now I’m having trouble with the power cord (I think). I’ll have to unplug it/plug it back in a couple times before it will work. I’m not sure what’s at fault here but eventually I’ve always been able to get it to work.

Now I’ve had enough, I just want something else. Everything else works fine I’m just done.

I’m going to keep the Hard drives (you know, privacy) but I’ll leave the SSD holder? and the m.2 SSD screw in it.
16GB ram
The screen still has the factory screen protector on it as I’ve never removed it.
I have the box and everything too.

I’m open to offers and I’d consider LTC or XMR but I’d prefer cash so I can get a new laptop :slight_smile:

I still have it and will entertain most offers. I’ve bought a new laptop and this one is back in its box.

I’m not looking to make my money back, just sell it to someone who wants a good deal :slight_smile: