Cannot access archive 'bluez-firmware_1.2-4_all.deb': No such file or directory

How do I make such file or directory?

It could help to provide more context e.g. what hardware? Librem 5 (phone)? Librem 14 (laptop)? another?

And where you are seeing this error message? What command you are using that elicits this error message?

Anyway try: Librem 14 - no bluetooth from which

Thank you for responding, I am a beginner and I believe this is a pretty steep learning curve, I bought several books on Linux but I still need help. I recently bought a Librem 14 laptop.

I have downloaded several programs I wish to place on the computer. Using the terminal, It’s tell me there are no files or directors to access this material, which I downloaded to my download folder.

The help I need, how do I make these files and directories using the terminal and transfer from the download folder to the new directories so The terminal can see them.

I hope that made sense and I appreciate any help that you could give me, Benjamin

OK, so if you downloaded a .deb file to your Downloads folder then open a terminal and do

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i packageFileName.deb

where packageFileName is whatever the name of the file is.

Bluetooth on the Librem 14 is unfortunately a learning curve. Probably best to continue in the topic that I linked to: Librem 14 - no bluetooth

A word of caution: This is not the normal right way to install software in Linux. It is needed in this specific circumstance because Purism does not provide support for Bluetooth in its repository for any laptop. For anything that is in the PureOS repository, you should get it from there and install using the normal approach e.g. using the PureOS Store GUI application.