Cannot boot PureOs installation

Good afternoon, I’m trying to install PureOS via a USB on my desktop computer. I can get the installation to boot from the USB without problem and I can follow the steps to install it on an NVME disk by erase disk option so I don’t have another boot option. When I restart computer it hangs on booting from the new install without any sort of message, only a " _ " intermittently flashing. If I choose to encrypt the disk, It does show the decryption menu, but as soon as I enter the password the shame flashing " _ " and the system does not boot. I was able to install PureOS using the same USB drive on an Old Dell laptop. Any help on this would be appreciated. I bought a Librem laptop but I wanted to try the OS before it arrives.

could you provide some specs ? what CPU ? AMD or intel ? what model ? BIOS or UEFI ? video card ? iGPU or dGPU ? nvidia, intel or AMD ? etc …

AMD Ryzen 7, BIOS, NVIDIA Geforce GTX

That’s going to be troublesome. See for example Nvidia drivers arent installing on pureos

So for starters you would need the nouveau driver to be recognised as needed, and working. Maybe someone can troubleshoot that but flying blind is always difficult.

Actual Librem laptops have Intel CPUs with Intel integrated graphics and that is probably the cleanest and best supported scenario for PureOS. (Actually works best with other Linux distros too!)

Your symptom suggests that it fails to initialise the graphics.

I guess it may help to specify what kind of display e.g. since you said “desktop”, I assume external display. Is it connected via HDMI? What native resolution? And what specific model of nVidia GPU?

Ah, if I had a dollar for every Linux boot that has done that … :slight_smile:

How long did you leave it?

save yourself the headache and use AMD from now on … nVidia is over-rated anyway … or better yet use only hardware CERTIFIED to run GNU/Linux such as Purism products or System76 (if you’re not concerned about your digital freedom that much) or any other brand that is FSF (free-software-foundation) vetted to run ONLY 100% Linux-Libre.

inconvenience ? that depends …