Cannot change password on Librem Social

It doesn’t work O_O

I don’t really know how exactly but I’m guessing it’s through website itself, and so I changed the password on my account page on my account. Everytime I login on it works with the newly created password but when I login through Librem Social then my old password is the one that works. Not the newly created one.

Hi @Nami

You can change your Librem One user password by login into your account at:

And after you login at the bottom of the profile management page you see the option to change your password.

Hello again. I changed the password on my page and it said I couldn’t use / and " I think it was, so I removed those options in my password manager. It then said successfully changed password.

Now I tried to log back in and it’s saying incorrect password or username. Which doesn’t make any sense. I did the same thing with my second account(changed password), and now I am also unable to login there aswell. “Incorrect password or username”.

@Nami If you are still having this issue, can you please send an email to with:

  • your librem one username:
  • Purism order number
  • and describing the situation

With this information we can check what is the issue with your account