Cannot delete folder - L5

For some reason I have ended up with a copy of my “Documents” folder that sits within my proper “Documents” folder. I can’t see any way I can delete this. If I highlight it there isn’t a “delete” or “move to trash” option on any buttons. If I hold on the folder I do get a pop up menu with “move to trash” as an option but removing my finger sees this disappear. Keeping it highlighted with one finger keeps the pop up menu there but it is unresponsive. I don’t see any option on the keyboard with “delete” as an optio either.

Any pointers as to how to delete this folder?

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Open Terminal/Console, then execute this command:

rm -d ~/Documents/Documents

Otherwise, you can use Squeekboard’s terminal layout to access keys such as Del, including simulating a right-click in Nautilus using Menu:

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Excellent, and thank you. I was aware there us a terminal command of course, but I was more interested in doing it via gui/keyboard as I don’t retain the cli commands required unless I use things all the time. So that tricky little hidden avenue works. Thanks again.