Cannot follow FAQ Anbox installation instructions

The most recent instructions to install Anbox into Librem 5 that I have been able to find are those described in the FAQ:

However, when I access the URL where we are supposed to download the Debian packages (.deb), I do not see a Download artifact section, I see only Download source code and Download this directory.

I have tried both the URL from the FAQ screenshot,, and the URL from the FAQ text (pureos/byzantium branch, no subdirectory), but the download options seem to remain the same.

Can anyone share one of:

  • More recent, up-to-date installation instructions
  • Any other way to get that Debian package
  • Or instructions on how to build the Debian package from source on the Librem 5 (I could try and follow the repository README, but to be honest I would not even know which Git branch to use)