Cannot install driver for my Brother DCP-7065DN printer


I cannot install my cups drivers from Brother for my DCP-7065DN due to x64 incompatibility/dependencies with/for cupswrapperdcp7065dn and i386 dcp7065dnlpr:i386. I tried to install the needed libraries but of course the system refuses. Please help.


i have never owned or operated a Brother printer device under Linux so far - i only know that HP has swallowed Samsung’s printer division since late 2017 and is THE best choice for linux environments right now.

you probably need to speak to someone that writes the cups driver directly or someoplace that has a comunity centered arround support for Brother printers.

i never buy printer devices that don’t have official driver support listed on the website.


I’ve got an HP N251 Lazer printer and I was surprised that all I did was plug it in and it’s works with my 15V3. It has lost some of the applications it does have on my Dell laptop such as showing when ink is low but the printer itself shows all of that and it works for my purposes. I have yet to go to HP’s website and see if there are Linux software and drivers for it.


How come that’s such an obvious refusal? The requirements are quite minimal, a csh and one of ia32-libs or lib32stdc++. Debian testing has lib32stdc++6 package. Is it missing from PureOS?