Cannot pay with Bitcoin Cash?

I just realized that it’s not possible to pay with bitcoin cash as a cryptocurrency anymore, why is that so?
I remember that it was possible a while ago, why was it removed?

I wanted to donate to the ‘fund-your-app’ crowdfunding.

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We never had crypto-payment enabled for subscriptions (like Librem One or AweSIM).

what are the current available payment methods for subscriptions ?

Only credit card for now, I’m afraid.

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for some people that is enough to discourage them from any direct financial contributions …

you guys should have that information readily available in clear text on the web-site so people are AWARE of that …

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I have updated, should appear there shortly.

But my question was not about or AweSIM but about the ‘fund-your-app’ crowdfunding that opened today which accepts other cryptocurrencies. Maybe I put the post in the wrong forum section?

i’m confused … so does ‘fund-your-app’ accept crypto’ or not ?

Last time I bought something I paid with bitcoin cash, now that doesn’t seem to possible anymore. Sure would like to see it added back.

I understand the complexities of accepting crypto, but if you want to offer something like awesim, then anonymous payment really should be there. Its a bet each way for Purism at the moment.

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They use the service from for Crypto, so it is probably not the decision of the Purism people. Maybe Litecoin is still supported (Litecoin has even lower transaction fees than BTC-Cash and has also low transaction times as far as I know).

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or if crypto’ is not an acceptable payment method for now then make it possible to pay with taler …

Aha, that makes sense. After some googling it seems like GloBee removed Bitcoin Cash a year ago so that makes sense why I was able to pay with it before but not anymore. Thanks!

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I still think they should at least get a Paypal account to accept funds. It isn’t quite crypto currency, but it is stil electronic. But I understand, it is a finance dept. decision, there are probably hidden seller fees.