Cannot post to forums using Tor Browser Bundle

For what it’s worth, attempts to post forum questions using Tor Browser Bundle fail. It looks like you’re using Word Press, PHP 5.6.7, nginx 1.7.11, etc. A company dedicated to security and privacy should allow users to communicate with them using Tor Browser Bundle (and other javascript-disabled browsers). Not sure I like you tracking your users via piwik though. I do like that you’re using let’s encrypt (but no HSTS?).

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I’m using Firefox with NoScript, and I’ve successfully posted this without javascripts. I’m not sure why it fails with Tor bundle, though.

As for the piwik, I’m not sure it’s even active, but FWIW, we use a self hosted version to gain a basic statistics on our page visits.

Is that still possible in the current, Discourse-based forum?