Cannot receive MMS


I received my “librem 5 USA” a few days ago and went on with pureOS installation and all system updates.

Everything runs fine except that I cannot receive MMS. More precisely, when someone sends me a MMS, something does appear in ~/.mms/modemmanager :

$ ls -lrt .mms/modemmanager/
total 20
-rw------- 1 purism purism  96 27 août  14:56 3e1c4b361393b14d7e1b3a01aa8987a7a273
-rw-r--r-- 1 purism purism 103 27 août  15:44 3e1c4b361393b14d7e1b3a01aa8987a7a273.status
-rw------- 1 purism purism  96 27 août  20:58 540431981f43d14ff91ba0b12b872794aa8c
-rw-r--r-- 1 purism purism  73 27 août  20:58 540431981f43d14ff91ba0b12b872794aa8c.status
-rw-r--r-- 1 purism purism 350 28 août  15:28 mms

Here is the status for the latest one :


Indeed, there are no notifications, contrarily to regular sms and, nothing shows up in chatty.

Here are the settings (located in ~/.mms/modemmanager/mms :

[Modem Manager]


The settings come directly from my ISP there. My ISP also advocates to set MCC and MNC respectively to 208 and 20. I also set up the wider APN to the same as for MMS one (

I think the settings are good as something is received on my librem5 but it is neither notified nor forwarded to chatty.

I heard about a library ( ?) which need to be updated. Mine is updated with package purple-mm-sms :

dpkg -L purple-mm-sms

However, it seems from other threads that this library is no more needed by chatty ?

I currently run out of ideas why it does not work, woudl you have any clue ?



Hello! I can receive MMS and my settings in ~/.mms/modemmanager/mms look much like yours.

True, the purple-mm-sms package is not needed anymore. It is no longer installed on my L5. You could try removing it to see if that makes a difference in your case.

Anyway, I think the main thing to do to troubleshoot is to look what appease in the log shown by the journalctl command:

sudo journalctl --since today

Look what it says for the time when an MMS is received, most likely there is some error message there. Look for log messages involving any of the following three programs/services:

  • mmsdtng
  • ModemManager
  • chatty

Do they ship with byzantium yet? (wondering if being on amber could be the cause?)

I’m pretty sure they ship with byzantium now. But that’s good to check also, just to be sure.

On Awesim AT&T i am also not receiving any MMS messages. After a while typically i am getting the following text message:

You received an MMS, but it expired on: 2023-02-27 13:46

from the sender that has originally sent an image.

APN settings for me:

I checked with Purism support a few weeks ago and they assured me that the L5 with AweSIM in the US does indeed work with both sending and receiving MMS/SMS.

Therefore I would suspect that the issue you are having is not with the AweSIM service but some problem with your L5.

Yes it used to work, currently it does not. This is on a stock image newly flashed with correct APN settings. The text message send and receive is fine. Rich media embedding enabled.

As you have likely seen in my posts on this topic elsewhere in this forum, I had similar-sounding issues with MMS/SMS, with my carrier T-Mobile, which were only solved by me replacing my original BM818-A1 card from June 2022 with a newer card. Maybe it’s a BM818 firmware issue. I’m not sure what the root problem was, for me.

I have just received my L5 and I had to add a port number on the ATT proxy for MMS to get to receive pictures but still cannot send pictures. To get to receive pictures I added “:80” to the end of the proxy line so it now looks like:

Any hints as to what else may need to be tweaked to get to send pictures.

Sent myself a test text with an attached image. I get the test text and a URL to the image. The image I attached is displayed, but not in the Chats application.

When I send an image, Chats shows the URL of the image local to my L5 and the receiver sees the message.

Clunky, but reasonably functional.

Can you share your mms settings in the Chat app as well as the apn settings, mine only works one way. I just have a problem sending pictures to others from the L5. When I send it shows the url on my side but the recipient never gets the message/pic.

Ran an update that came up for Chatty a day or so ago. Now I see images in the text messages.