Cannot upgrade to newest PHOSH. Stuck at 0.28

I am still stuck at 0.28.sudo apt update doesn’t update anything. I am connected to the internet

apt update only update the packages lists, at the end you should see something like :
20 packages can be upgraded

Does something appears if you type :
apt list --upgradable
It should show you the available packages to upgrade

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And just in case, if the problem is that MidnighSun has forgotten the command, use also sudo apt upgrade after it to actually upgrade. Or are there other symptoms we should be aware of…?

No I haven’t not forgotten that. I’ve been a Linux user for over a decade now. It’s says every packages is up to date

No upgradable list. It’s says every package is up to date

I suppose you have byzantium, so maybe try to add the repo byzantium-updates-proposed , seems like it worked for someone else

Sounds like it’s not about PHOSH or even apt but an update problem in general. Anything special with your L5? It’s not still using amber or are your sources vanilla byzantium? Other updates ok - when was the last time? You have enough space (yes, probably a silly question)? And any other info you can think of for proper trouble shooting…
Maybe copy-paste or screencap some logs or apt responses?

Edit: the only previous thread that might be related to this seems to be about failed updates due to wrong time/date (clock resets if out of power) Major Issues after "OS Update" on Librem 5 - #60 by dos (scroll up and down a few messages)

Every other apps is updated. Yesterday. After adding benzantuim-updates-proposed I upgraded only to 0.29.0 that’s it I could not upgrade anymore

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How are you checking the package number?

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Very curious. Adding to previous question, let’s check all the package details (copying apt show phosh output here would be good).



Okay, try:

sudo apt upgrade byzantium-updates-proposed phosh

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Okay, let’s confirm your installed phosh version:

sudo apt list phosh

If it displays phosh/byzantium,now 0.32.0-1pureos1~byz1 arm64 [installed,automatic], then your app is merely displaying a visual bug.

Isn’t the latest version 0.34

One issue at a time.

In you first screenshot, we can see phosh is 0.32.0
In you second screenshot, the 0.29.0 is the version of the phosh-mobile-settings package, not the phosh package


Yes it does display

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I have the same phosh version (your terminal pic of apt show) and the same version of mobile settings app (the other sreencap - you can also sudo apt show phosh-mobile-settings). So, despite the confusion, you actually are up to date.