Canot install qubes using purism oem image

I recently updated the Pureboot firmware and somehow my qubes partition got corrupted.
Since I was unable to recover the data I decided to reinstall Qubes using the .iso provided here and a usb stick: Index of /qubes/oem-autoinstall/2022-05-20/
All install option hang at startup except for “Install qubes (OEM)”.
I managed to install Qubes this way but the entire installation process is automated and I can’t change any password or options.
My problem is now that Qubes asks for disk password at start-up but I was not offered any possibility to set or change the disk password at any step during or after the installation.
Is there a way to change the disk password after install or is the default password for Qubes OEM listed anywhere?

Simply press Enter: the installation process is detailed in this post. The video timestamp is 3:09.


Thx, it worked.
Does anyone also know the sha256sum for the iso?
I’ve downloaded it and “burned” it using dd on the librem busybox recovery console but I can’t check if it is really unaltered.

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No, there is no checksum provided for it, but you can compare it with the other mirror.

There are also the official Qubes OS images, which do have hashes, signatures, and signing keys.

The images that I’ve downloaded from both mirrors have the sha256sum 3ed6410d9644fd6ff1a5f1a2f3aed0f82ae4b692f6b8e30ef8ace4f0cd0b7e35
Maybe somebody will need this.
( )

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