Can't boot after trying to upgrade devkit

I saw a similar thread about this, but seemed old and this felt a little different so thought I’d start a new one.

Well I thought I’d take this rainy afternoon and see if I could get crimson running on my L5 devkit… After refreshing all the repos to get it ready to flash it appears that the script couldn’t find a good image for that from jenkins, so attempted to update byzantium (Build # 15976). The log shows successfully flashed the u-boot (Build 94 from Wed Sep 8 09:50:09 2021) and devkit image, but now it won’t boot.

after unplugging, switching the boot mode back to eMMC and plugging back in, I’m experiencing maybe 15 seconds with no screen on and then a reboot then another 15 seconds or so and then it seems to then quickly reset over and over (based on watching the LEDs on the back).

Is there anything in particular I should investigate next? I’m seeing nothing in the host computer’s dmesg output except:

[ 7899.112789] usb usb2-port3: attempt power cycle
[ 7915.008853] usb usb2-port3: attempt power cycle
[ 7931.273023] usb usb2-port3: attempt power cycle

Crimson is only available for Evergreen.

Image Builds landing [Image Builds] [Jenkins]

Yes, but the image I was using was latest for byzantium and devkit so was expecting that to boot properly. I’m not sure how to debug without a network connection or a screen.

Luckily my L5 is running better than ever, just wanted to be able to compare what I was missing from crimson with the devkit before I broke my phone.

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Okay, @dos may be able to help you.

Sounds like a power issue. Plug a battery in or connect it to a different power supply.

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Thanks for writing. I was hoping. I’ve tried a few different cables connected to a few different power supplies and still same result. I did notice that right at the end of that several second delay, the librem text shows up in the middle of the screen and then quickly goes away (as it restarts).

Whenever I get around to it, I’ll try to get an image from a while ago or something and see if that would work again or figure out how to debug the u-boot part more.