Can't install git

I’m resorting to downloading Ubuntu and paving over the Pusism partitions just to use a package installer the works properly.

I tried to follow various help sites and Ubuntu forum posts, one in particular references add-apt-repository - that command isn’t even present. Where the hell am I meant to start? How far back am I meant to go to make this system functional?

I got PureOS installed and used the Synaptic Package Manager ( to install git (and other packages). You find it under Administration. Under Settings -> Repositories I activated to get more packages (if I remember correctly) …

Use the Synaptic Package Manager (found under Administration) to install more packages. You can search for git there. You might have to activate additional repositories under Settings -> Repositories. I hope this helps …

Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
Search for git there … you might have to activate Settings -> Repositories

Strange, I couldn’t see my multiple replies on my Purism laptop (using PureBrowser) …

Have to use my Mac (OS X) to figure out the answers were not lost :wink:

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Hi Jan Walter,

it´s neither your Purism laptop nor your PureBrowser.
I think the software of this forum is a bit funny!!!
Clear your history (cache+cookies) and you will see :slight_smile:

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Hopefully caching is resolved now for the entire website :slight_smile:

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