Can't passthrough Camera to Qubes

Hi all, I am having issues getting my web cam working in Qubes 4.0.3, Librem 15v4. If I enable the killswitch, attach the camera to a qube through qvm-usb, the qube gains new devices /dev/video0 and /dev/video1; as soon as I try to use it (e.g. opening the Cheese program), the camera light turns on, but the device disconnects (no /dev/video* in qube, and it’s shown as detached in sys-usb). Has anyone managed to get it working?

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When this happened to me, I checked in the system log in the sys-usb VM and discovered that the Linux kernel running in that VM had experienced a page allocation failure connected somehow with the forwarding of the USB to another VM. I presume it was looking to get a RAM page with particular qualities (e.g., usable for DMA with the USB controller?) and couldn’t use just any page. This problem happens a lot on Qubes, and also means that there are often problems restarting sys-net or sys-usb when Qubes has been running for a while or when there are a lot of VMs running. You can try shutting down a lot of VMs and/or rebooting the entire computer to work around this problem.

I’m having the same problem but I can’t find sys-usb at all.
I’m able to mount only dom0:mic but there is no camera [via Qubes Devices from tray]
What I’m doing wrong?

Fixit it.
I created sys-usb and I was able to solve the problem