Can't reinstall PureOS on Librem14

I can’t figure out how to install PureOS after having installed Ubuntu 22 on a Librem14.

I tried different things.

Holding Esc on startup brings me to a screen with text and 3 options

  1. NVMe NS 1: (here is some disk-info)
  2. Payload [coreinfo]
    t. TPM Configuration

If i use option 1., I can get to the Ubuntu Boot menu and choose the secure boot, but that hangs on “Loading initial ramdisk …”

  1. works, but I have no idea what to do there
    t. works too, but when I disable the TPM that disabling doesn’t persist between startups and after changing the TPM setting it alway starts up and sets everything back the way it was.

Any help is welcome. At the moment the Librem14 is basically useless, because I also can’t log into any account on Ubuntu.

After some time I tried the reinstall again and it worked.

The unexplicable reason causing the reinstall to fail must have resolved itself over time.