Can't set Photos app as the default

The Photos app does not show up as an option to set as the default app for viewing photos. I have tried a few different ways:

  1. In Settings -> Default Applications, using the drop down next to Photos.

  2. In the Files app, right-click on a JPG file and select Open With Other Application. It doesn’t show up in View All Applications, even though all of my other applications show up.

  3. In the Files app, right-click on a JPG file, select Properties, then select the Open With tab. It doesn’t show up there either.

Can anyone help me get Photos set as the default app?

I’m running Byzantium on an old MacBook Air and I’m new to Linux. I’m test driving PureOS prior to pulling the trigger on the Librem 14.

Thank you.

The name of the app is “Photos”? Do you have a link?

How did you install it. Usually apps installed from the repositories or deb package files come with *.desktop files. These desktop files placed in certain locations make apps appear in the menus of a desktop environment. This happens automatically when installing from the repositories.

When you installed an app in another way e.g. manually you can look if it came with a *.desktop file and if not then you can create one yourself. And then place it at the right location.

What is the right location?

Place this file in the /usr/share/applications directory so that it is accessible by everyone, or in ~/.local/share/applications if you only wish to make it accessible to a single user.


Yes, the name of the app is “Photos”. The source is:


It is one of the apps that comes pre-installed with PureOS.

I just looked and there is already a .desktop file in that directory. So, I don’t understand why it is not showing up as available to be the default app to view photos.

Here is the website for the Photos app:

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