Can't upgrade to byzantium


I know it’s not in stable
but I would really like to upgrade to byzantium to be able to use the new version from the repo of snap (I know that you are not considering snap as a good solution and I know byzantium is not stable yet) . I always have this libgcc-8-dev error that can’t be upgraded blablabla. Did anyone succeed to resolve this ?

Thanks in advance

I found this on another thread. It has the steps to upgrade from amber to byzantium.


I upgraded recently to Byzantium, I actually had issues upgrading by changing the apt sources, and in the end had to upgrade by downloaidn the ISO file and making a live isntallation usnig a a partition on my USB key. This has the advantage of having a backup to fix issues wheneven they may arise.

So far things are working smoothly for me.

so no one has succeed to resolve the apt incompatibilities then