Can't wait for L5 shipping to happen so we'll all have more to talk about

Title says it all. Looking forward to discussing apps to create, UI improvements to make, cool customizations, and of course Arch on a phone.


@enterprisey I would love to build an arch image of the librem software, but using parabola as a base instead. If anyone wants to help out I would be willing to create a standard stock image.

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@enterprisey I’m doing some research with the qemu image by my own, checking what’s working, what needs some tweaks, I’ll upload everything to a git repo at some point.

Now I’m looking how to customize phosh theme and icon set, it doesn’t work like Gnome as far as I know.

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I know, a couple people on reddit say they have devices now, I’m so excited!

how is phone and text software incorporated into a standard linux build ? Just apps or alot of coding needed to make them work ?

text software means publishing? or just editor? or texting/messaging?