Capital F: Interview with Todd Weaver on Librem 5


While I personally find it also amazing that Bryan Lunduke created a magazine on Libre content, I thought many might be interested in an Interview on the Librem 5 :slight_smile:

Librem 5 — Development Chronology

interview in a PDF form?! :hushed:


Unheard of :open_mouth:
I mean… it’s pretty retro :smiley:


totally loved the magazine. looking forward to the next issue.


Here is a youtube interview with Todd Weaver on The Lunduke Show… old news, but still some interesting points and details, especially the bit about integrating matrix into the phone and being able to use the librem 5 to make calls to other matrix users without using the telephone network (the discussion is around 13 minutes into the video). There is quite a lot of concern about matrix privacy, with an interesting reply from matrix project lead.