Carrier frequencies and push functions for phone?

Any idea what the exact carrier frequencies will be supported? (Particularly if would retain full “bring your own” support for AT&T/Verizon. I was dying for a linux phone but the ones that where available in the past weren’t fully compatible with US based systems as they were all developed in Europe. I see what posted about them supporting most carriers, but thats exactly how I’ve seen other international phones advertised while looking in the past. They supported gsm, 3/4g and LTE but either the voice or the data frequencies where off from whats used so they would be only partially workable, or only in certain areas.

While I appreciate the wifi encryption etc. that will be offered, I still need to retain standard voice, text and push data feature for work.I’m not technical on the radio portion but I just remember the tech needing the bands and frequencies to check if the phone would work.

Thank you!

I guess I can’t say for certain, but given that Purism is a US-based company, I would assume (also based on the way they’ve phrased things) that US carriers will be compatible.

There will also be a way to have this make calls without a carrier hopefully. Need to push that funding past the stretch goals.

Between other purism phones though? Because 99% chance I’ll be the only person I know with one lol