Carriers Tested?

Hi All,

I was wondering if people who already own a Librem 5 phone could post:

  • What carriers they have had personal success with
  • General location (i.e., Nashville, Southern California…,etc)
  • Any issues you have with the service



I don’t think anyone has received a phone yet.

This thread will still be here when they do.

As far as I remember Todd had one a few months ago and it was said he placed two phone calls with it. If they were regular phone calls what carrier(s) did he use? We should start from there.

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People should be having phones shipped in the coming days, however if they don’t I think Purisms PR is going to majorly suffer.

People are getting more and more wound up by this. I don’t have any money invested so I’m just really excited for the release however I really hope Purism doesn’t miss many more deadlines.

They need to get phones into the hands of people, just anyone outside of Purism, then hopefully people can restore their faith in the company.

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I’m just worried about my $ and about how the company is being run.

I think a large part of peoples fears come from Purism not updating people as frequently as they probably should.

However I believe this likely stems from the idea that trying to fix problems is more useful than writing a blog post every time something goes wrong.

In the end im sure you will receive and fall in love with your phone. Props for putting the money down as well :+1:t2:.

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No my fear comes from delays announced at the last minute. Really fishy.

Anyone who deals with software development will see this as normal. In fact, it would be seen as “too good to be true” if everything were on time. Ask any junior software developer how long it will take them to write some code, and then time them. You will be lucky if the estimate is in the same order of magnitude. Senior software developers hesitate to give estimates. There are “unknown unknowns” in any creative process of useful complexity.

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Well, in this case software was but expected - announced to be ready in the first batches, so it wasn’t the cause for delay. It was hardware and design problems, which they tried to fix as fast as possible.
Working on both hardware and software at the same time with limited resources and work force is the biggest nightmare one can imagine. Getting out of it is nothing short of miracle.
If they end up releasing fully functional phone (with few software limitations) next spring , they deserve endless praise.