Case Problems, 3 case screw holes holding monitor to base broke

I heard a “pop” sound while the laptop was sitting there and being used (not moved).

The plastic holding the case (in all three spots) in the now top-left side (when the laptop is upside down) of the case are broken. That is, the plastic part of the case under the metal bracket that the screws go through are broken. I only found the broken piece of the top-left one. The other two didn’t have any parts in this case. Perhaps these two were broken ever since I first got this laptop. I have never looked at this spot until now to really know.

It would be great if Purism sells the case parts.
(I have already sent a support request asking this.)

I am a bit concerned about the case design in this particular area.
I haven’t dropped the laptop.

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This was a common problem (defect) in the Librem 15 (v3 and v4). Is that what you have,
or is this a Librem 14?

I have the Purism Librem 13 Version 3.

I hope Purism support helps you.

Purism doesn’t say who the ODM is so you can’t get such parts on your own. While they don’t stock parts in the store, they claim to have some parts available for such repairs, but they don’t make any guarantees outside of the warranty period. It’s one of many reasons why I don’t buy from Purism (I expect 10 years from a laptop).

This is just a belated follow up.

There is a waiting list with a dozen or so in front of me.
Whether or not the parts become available is a different matter and I am not going to get my hopes up.

That said, the Purism support was reasonably quick to respond.

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