Cases for Librem laptop?

So, I just got my Librem laptop - and managed to scratch it straight away :slight_smile: doh.

Anyone knows if there’s a casing / wrapper product which we can use for Librem 15 ?
Do let me know.

cheers, HS

Ah, bad luck :-/

Please send your problem to so I can forward it to others who could give answer on such question more quickly than me :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I thought there would be others who would have found such thing (case / wrapper for Librem 15)

Anyway, I’ll email too

Thanks for the advice.

cheers, HS

There are some cases already available on Ebay and Amazon–just search for “Librem” and you’ll find some:

But in my opinion, they are not up to the level of Librem’s quality hardware. (They might work for you if you are looking for something inexpensive and rather incognito for it.)

We’re working with some case makers to develop cases, sleeves and bags for our products that are in line with our build quality and Purist design.

If you want something beautiful and high end, I recommend Story Leather. They can make a custom, just in time, leather case in any color you want, for any size device. Their cases are beautiful, long lasting and the best I have ever owned – I have two for my iPhone.

Hi Giselle,

Thanks for the pointers ! I’ve looked at them all, thanks again.

However, I was mostly looking for wrappers / skins, like these :

My old Thinkpad laptop have some sort of rubberized-plastic as its case, which absorbs scratches, so it’s not visible.
After 4 years, the laptop still looks like new.

These “healing shields” seems similar to that.

Now, I have no idea if Librem 15 have same dimensions as Macbook Pro or not.
If yes, then I can just buy this product.

If you know similar product which will actually fit the Librem 15’s dimensions, do let me know !

In the meanwhle I’ll try looking around too.

cheers, HS

Here’s a demo of said “healing shield” product :

cheers, HS

As promised - I tried this product : Palmguard for Macbook Pro 15 Retina :

This is what I actually got :

As you can see below :

(1) It’s not wide enough to cover the whole area. But it’s actually enough to cover the area that’s going to be most touched by your palm.

(2) The trackpad location is quite different from a Macbook Pro 15. You’ll need to do some cutting first.

The image below shows that the height os too long. You’ll need to cut it down a bit :

Anyway, it works. Now the palmrest area is covered.

That was my concern - due to heavy usage, some of the palmrest area have begun to change color a bit.

Now that it’s covered, I can have peace of mind & just concentrate on using this laptop for my work.

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See the image below :

On bottom left, you can see some of the palmrest area is a bit stained.

I have no idea what or why, and yes, I have tried cleaning it - to no avail.

Also at the bottom, you can see some stripe marks - it’s caused by the rubber stripes on top of the screen.

And yes, it can not be cleaned as well.

I was probably using the wrong cleaner liquid, etc. Pretty sure I was doing it wrong, feel free to give some advice.

But for now it’s safe, since it’s now covered by this palmguard layer.

For the laptop body, I tried this Macguard product :

It’s of similar material to the Palmguard product above. Good, durable material, won’t easily crumple.

And the adhesive it uses is of good quality, it won’t leave any residue.
This is important for me, because I was a bit clumsy, I applied this product in a rather wrong fashion :

You can zoom in at the bottom - some areas are not covered ! While the top is all covered.

So I had to peel it off again, and re apply it again.
No problemo, I was able to pull it off, no sticky residue, and was able to put it on again in a better position.

This product also provide the skin for the bottom of the laptop.

But its holes (for screw holes) are in the wrong places. So you’ll need to create new holes - should be easy though, just use a paper hole puncher.

So yeah, these Palmguard and Macguard are not ideal, they don’t cover your Librem 15 laptop perfectly.
Because it’s made for a different laptop :slight_smile:

But this is way better than nothing at all ! I am quite happy now.

If you managed to find similar, but better, products; do let us know.
I’d be most interested.

Especially if it does not have the Apple logo :smiley: LOL !

cheers, HS

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Just ordered a Librem 15 and I KNOW I’ll scratch it sooner or later. For my MacBook Pro I got a nice translucent plastic snap-on case that works great. Any recommendations on something similar for a Librem 15?

Just to update - I can definitely recommend the “Mac Guard” product I mentioned above ! After 4 years, it still looks good :smiley: :+1: awesome

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