Cases for the Librem 5?


I’m a pretty clumsy person and drop my phone all the time. I have an otter box so it is harmless, but will Purism sell cases as an accessory? It is pretty much a necessity, so it is important I can protect my Librem.

Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?

Hi @Napalm,

I don’t think Purism itself will sell it, but will release the case specifications so accessory makers can produce some :slight_smile:


They could do both, release the specifications and sell accessories. Not selling accessories would be a wasted opportunity of earning some extra bucks, IMHO.


There’s a post in this thread suggesting Purism will rely on 3rd party/community support for cases. But given the nature of this community, I think it’s quite likely to find 3D-printable case specs pop up, and maybe more sophisticated ones too.


I will be doing my best to make a functional cover that can be 3D printed once Purism releases the final specs for the physical dimensions of the phone. I will be sharing the design as well.


This logic works if there is no capital cost to recoup from the sale of the product. Injected plastic systems can be pricey; however, 3D printing might be what saves us here. There again lies an investment; however, an enterprising person with sunk cost might be able to take up the effort.


Ive emailed my favorite phone case manufacture introducing them to the librem5 phone in hopes they will jump aboard.

Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?