CE marking for the entire phone required if used in the EU?

Never mind where the phone is shipped from exactly, we Europeans need to know where we are at.
I have already mailed my batch preferences, but they would have to be revised if CE markings for the whole device are required.
So, a timely answer to this would be highly appreciated…

I haven’t mailed back my preferences yet due to the open questions regarding the CE marking. It would just be a pity to get a phone that I could not use or that would get seized by customs…

All the more reason for Purism to shed some light on this ASAP.

What I’ve learned by now is that ETSI/CE approval is not modular and this means that all approvals and certifications must exist for the whole product, at the finalized Librem 5 (whatever the batch) level, or better to say stage. AFAIK, FCC and IC regulations use another approach: they are accepting modular approval … for PCB for example or, as discussed here, at the radio module level only (might be approved as an ad on component, but not familiar). Again, this different certification approaches/procedures were/are certainly not unknown to the Purism people and it is in the way much too simplified here as/like the CE approval and FCC approval are the same thing, but they are not. @randusr, maybe you should have brought this at the beginning of this topic as a fact and then, afterwards, ask two very particular questions (even though they look like almost identical).

FCC instructively (legacy):

CE instructively (https://www.etsi.org/technologies/radio/):

If, for example and IMHO, Librem 5 gets TÜV SÜD stamp than it will be a product of much broader recognition but it is up to Purism to choose/decide where they are getting legally needed certification that allows its distribution within EU and to all other neighboring/further/abroad countries.
Additional useful (topic) reading:

This is certainly good point like otherwise we would be paying twice as much for the Librem 5 what would be comparable to the cost of a new top smartphone that is waiting on the air-conditioned shelf for someone to sign two years legally valid subscription (at minimum and prolonged if not canceled). And even if the new phone with the CE marking sits on the shelf for the next two years it still brings profit when sort of cheaper contract signed. At the end there is almost nothing left, profit-wise, for the griffon vulture.

This above sounds like a demonstration as might be that you know that there is another, better way. I see it just as ignoring (luck of communication from your side) what was officially (and legally) asked from you: “We will use your preferences along with your priority and place in the order queue to determine which batch to assign you.” I am sure you will receive your Librem 5 certified to use it freely wherever you go within your country or over the any other border (without forgetting to take your valid ID with you). Furthermore, I am certain here are people that are putting aside their hard earned savings to get (with very good reason) Librem 5 as fully functional and legally approved phone/communication device.

… but still functional and allowed (by authorities) to be used on air! And by the way, I forgot to mention that HubblePhone K3-XR from the Turing Space Industries (TRI) coming next year without any visible CE marking on it. And still not to late to sign for theirs crypto pre-order campaign either. Note: TRI was in favor to the Sailfish OS. Note II: TRI didn’t even bother to mention CE marking on its HubblePhone as it is nowadays almost self-explanatory for every end user and, of course, every manufacturer. For myself, I hope there will be possibility to rent it because: We all can be Heroes just for one day but it’s Ok if we won’t."

@Quarnero i probably voiced it poorly in my first response to this thread by calling it the CE marking, where I actually meant the Documentation Claiming to be Compliant to the requirements. I’m sorry if that caused some confusion.

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@Manuel, I don’t think there is something that you should be sorry for. You saw/see everything here with the open and clear mind and therefore I say: Thanks! Have a nice Day!

I asked purism support and got good news :slight_smile:


we will adjust customs declaration accordingly, like we did for the Librem 5
development kit.

And none of the Librem 5 development boards were rejected by customs of any
country we shipped it to, so be assured that also the pre-evergreen batches will
pass customs.



Great! Not entirely sure whether I will be eligible for a pre-Evergreen batch, but at least them pesky rules and regulations will not rain on that particular parade.