Cellular service randomly not available

Randomly the cell service will disconnect….no reason. I have to restart device to get it working again. Anyone else have this issue?

It’s not our network….husband has a librem5 also and we are on family mobile plan.

Yes I have experienced this as well. Sometimes it doesn’t show the bars icon and sometimes it does making you think it’s connected to the cell network but it’s not. I can revive it with the toggle switch some times but sometimes I have to reboot it.

Could be the same as: Is there still no cure for the No WWan adapter problem?

and may relate to: Reseting mobile connection - Librem 5

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Sometimes there is no more icon for cellular and there is no “mobile” entry in the settings menu anymore. After a while, it is back. I notice it is back when I see the LED for notification of new email, and since the wifi switch is off it must be via cellular. I don’t look at the phone that often.

I will read more the other threads.

I have suspend of the phone not enabled.

Ive had to swap to a different phone for now…sad but the phone is just not usable at the moment for me. I need phone, email and text to work. The cellular connection goes down without notice and I miss work calls…the email does not refresh enough (or have manual refresh) so I miss work emails, I click on an email in my inbox and drafts opens instead of the email. Two calls come in at once, and both hang up. I answer the phone and it keeps ringing, etc etc. I really love my Librem 5 for so many reasons, but it just unusable currently.