Certain Ugly Words

I would like to remove some of these privacy-offending links so I never have to see them again…or accidentally tap them:



Suggestions for what to replace them with to keep the functionality similar?

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Isn’t that managed by upstream or do you intend to alter that list? To my mind it’s fine they are there but all Open Source or privacy oriented services should be at the top and the proprietary ones could be shown less prominent.


For me, they don’t have to be replaced with anything. But I would love to decontaminate my L5. :neutral_face:


I presume this is all done upstream.

Okay then I guess there won’t happen anything in the near future. :smiley: Watched upstream issues concerning that list but the pace and willingness to change are not very high…

Edit: For reference

Add EteSync to GOA: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-online-accounts/-/issues/152

Add CalDAV / CardDAV to GOA (2 years old, issue #1, 50 upvotes): https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-online-accounts/-/issues/1


Agree, I’d rather see every one shown deleted permanently.


it feels a bit extreme, but why not …

You should keep it, until you try to log-in with you should not be “contaminated” (maybe put a mask on your phone :mask:)

Hey ! One good argument to keep them : For showcase, if someone seems interested but likes to still have access to his current online accounts, you’ll be able to show that’s the fonctionality is here

In the futur, If the Librem5 want to reach more non-linux users, those are a good thing to have available by default


I can live with their being there by default for those who want them (or to showcase them to new converts). I just would like the ability to delete them someday. Now, preferably, if it’s possible.

It would be nice if upstream they could add a Delete button beside each one.


I don’t think they would ever do it keeping in mind that there are no real disadvantages showing it. :smiley:

If that’s important for you, you could grab the sources, delete entries you dislike and compile it yourself.

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Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that.

I’m torn. In the sense of freedom, everybody should be able to choose.
To me, the most Purism-y way would be to have freedom-promoting ones on top.
So, that’s Nextcould, and maybe Librem One in the future.
Mastodon could be added.

LibremOne is a good reason for Purism to adapt that list at one point. However, they should not just remove everything except their own stuff. They would be criticized for that, and probably rightly so.

The rest: Hidden behind a “show more / unfree services” or something.


I have much todo this weekend but maybe I can have a look next week and ping you again or write steps in this topic.

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Accidentally tap Facebook, and you’re being instantly harvested.

You would have to add credentials, wouldn’t you? :smiley:

For us aesthetes, it pollutes the visual space…


It’s still unclear if altering the Online Accounts settings would interfere with other L5 workings.

Operating system, browser characteristics, IP address, possibly location, etc. (Fortunately I lock down my browsers pretty well, though.)

Edit: And all that aside, there’s the issue of continuing to actively and universally promote, for example, Facebook. Banks, businesses, media, seemingly every website…they all try to funnel you to Facebook, as if it were so innocuous, so natural, so good. And of course we know it is not.


Much like going into the Firefox Preferences and uninstalling Bing and Google and Amazon and all that, um, stuff, from the Search Engines section.


I don’t think removing the displayed list of providers in Online Accounts should change anything, but, so many GNOME things are so many tightly integrated, that I am not sure how you could use your changed version even if you had it.

I think I see where to make the change, but I don’t know what would be necessary to swap out the pre-installed Online Accounts with an altered one.

I believe the necessary file to change is this one, starting at line 118:

One would I think just delete all the references to the proprietary services.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. Maybe just comment them out?

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