Change color tone of the fonts on Lock screen?


I’ve recently changed the lockscreen background and due to it’s matching colors (white text one white background image) the font is readible but not as clear.

It’s a weird question, but is it possible to change the font colors, just a few hairs greyer.

I’m guessing no?

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Of course it’s possible. Simply put into ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css the following code:

#phosh-lockscreen-date {
    color: [COLORVALUE];

Put into [COLORVALUE] a color name like black or yellow or rbg(12, 142, 123) or a hex color like #2fa6bb You also can use text shadow:

#phosh-lockscreen-date {
    text-shadow: 1px 1px black;

In this example you make 1px shadow to right and bottom in color black (every color-code is possible). Or you can combine both or resize it or take another font etc (I guess last 2 are not what you want here).

For more code-example you can click on my avatar and follow the link to codeberg and the Phosh-visualization project.


That’s great thank you. The text shadow was the best solution.