Change favorites order

Hi. Any help with changing the order (organization) of where my favorite apps are located on the screen, would be most appreciated.

(I want my shortcut folders higher up. Dont ask me why. These things drive me crazy.)

Currently, the only way to do it, as far as I know, is to remove them all one at a time from the Favorites area, then add them back one at a time in the order you want. Yes, it’s a pain.


Thank you for the reply. Additionally, let it be known that my opinion is that such lack of user-friendly-functionality is silly.

I still love the phone though.


This may be completely off but try finding where the list is stored within the gnome settings.

Then you can use command line:

gsettings get schema key

(where you supply the correct value for ‘schema’ and the correct value for ‘key’)

capture the output in a file, massage the file in order to reorder the list, and then turn it into a gsettings set command to set the re-ordered value (value will need to be enclosed in double-quotes)

or GUI:

dock your phone and use dconf-editor to edit it directly (I mean in theory you don’t have to dock but otherwise that application is probably not adaptive and, in any case, it would just be awkward to do).

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To fetch current favorites array of favorites:

dconf read /sm/puri/phosh/favorites

Copy to gedit or any text editor and reorder as you like. After reordering the different elements use the following command to set the new favorites order:

dconf write /sm/puri/phosh/favorites "['list', 'of', 'favorites']"

You may have to restart phosh in order for it to take effect.


dconf-editor is in fact adaptive and works pretty well. Probably easier in docked mode, as you say.

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Good to know. The other half of the concern though is a mass of cut-and-paste in a brimming text window - all on a small touchscreen with a virtual keyboard.

If you just had two “favorites” and wanted to swap the order, it should be doable. If you have 15 “favorites” and wanted to completely reorder them then for my money it’s either dock or vi.

Did you try the gsettings get command? Based on the earlier reply, “schema” would be sm.puri.phosh and “key” would be favorites i.e. inconsistent syntax between dconf and gsettings (whereas with dconf-editor you just use the GUI to navigate the settings path).

In my opinion, eventually it needs to be possible to edit the “home screen” in a fully user-friendly (mobile) GUI way. (I wouldn’t exactly recommend doing it the iPhone way though.)