Change Geary config file

Is there a way to edit or change the config file in Geary?

I would like to modify it to display just a bit smaller for reading emails. I have to scroll to the right a little. It is annoying


There are geary config files in ~/.config/geary/ where there is one directory for each configured account, I think. Not sure if geary lets you change the things you want from config files, but go ahead and try it. Might be best to kill geary first, then edit the file, then start geary again.


Hi, Skalman, please could you tell me how to modify file.ini into ~/.config/geary/ to make emails readable without have to right side scroll it?
thank you

my file.ini:

[Metadata] version=1
status=unavailable goa_id=account_1719755452_0
[Account] ordinal=2
prefetch_days=14 save_drafts=true save
use_signature=false signature=
sender_mailboxes=purism ‹email@email. com>;
archive folder= drafts folder= sunt foldere folder=
trash folder=

PS: [OT] please, how can select and copy output text in a terminal and paste here?
I had to take picture and use Apple AI to copy code and paste it here :sweat_smile:
Thank you

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Maybe create a short script that sets the scale slightly reduced whenever Geary is running?

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Well, I used mobile setting->compositor hoping it was working but doesn’t!
I’m unable to write this code :sweat_smile:

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For ideas, here’s a desktop launcher I created for changing to/from 1.5 and 2.0 scale on the fly: Tutorial: Create Shortcuts to Scale Display Up/Down

It would probably be fairly simple to incorporate the command into a script instead, with a condition such as “if Geary is running, then…” (I’m paraphrasing a potential script element; it wouldn’t actually be written thus.)

P.S. I don’t have any idea if you can set scale in the config file; I don’t have Geary running on my L5.