Change IP librem

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Invasion of privacy is truly a war of the mind,
But I am here to say I am a warrior …

So I have a brand new librem and it’s being remote controlled … some bad people followed me to the local IT guy who was helping me reinstall the pure OS , and they walked in while I was entering the laptop’s IP address in my phone hotspot

Can really use some good advice in changing the IP address for the librem now , .thanks in advance !

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If it’s really being remote controlled, you’ll need to wipe the whole install. Safest is to reflash the IME chip, but that’s probably not necessary (no known attacks, but no way to prove it’s not compromised without reflashing it wil an external flasher). Why do you think it’s being remote controlled?


Based on the above, you may have bigger problems than I can help you with but:

Do you need to change the IP address of the laptop or do you need to change the IP address of the phone?

We don’t know enough about your set up. I assume from the word “hotspot” that your phone is on the internet and your laptop is connecting to the internet via the phone, communicating with the phone via WiFi (wirelessly). But it could alternatively be that the laptop is communicating with the phone via Bluetooth (also wireless) or via USB (with a USB cable). Please clarify.

In any case, in my experience, the laptop itself has a private IP address and the IP address is assigned by the phone and there may not be a way to change that assignment. It could depend on what make/model of phone.

The phone may or may not have a private IP address (and may or may not have a fixed IP address). Really no way to know, as it depends on your provider (and hence your country) and on your plan with that provider. The IP address may be assigned by your provider and there may not be a way to change that assignment (unless you call the provider) - although it may help to switch off the phone for 10 minutes, or so, and then switch it on again.

But if your laptop is being remote controlled with malware, changing the IP address won’t solve the problem.


Hi thank you for all the great info
This is a new laptop which I set up the operating system over the summer then it sat idle …
Then 3 weeks ago I tried signing into operating system and my password was rejected,
So I rebooted / reinstalled operating system , and then as I start using it , I notice it’s being remote controlled. Unlikely anyone obtained physical access but not impossible

If I reflash the IME chip with external flash,
That would hopefully get rid of any malware…?

I’ve read about Bios attacks and am using positive thinking to weaken any momentum for that :slight_smile:

Thanks for your detailed reply much appreciated

I use hotspot on phone go gain laptop internet.

Spoke to developer of my anti imsi catcher phone and he warns against me trying to change any IP address on either phone or computer myself…

Purism gave me command prompt to verify whether device is being remoted in using Tilix app as follows:
Sudo iptables-list rules

And if you see: P input Drop
then device is not being remoted in

In my case, I did not see above :frowning: