Change media keys (Fn) on Librem 14 (PureBoot)

To change the brightness and media keys I have to press Fn + F6. How can I switch the default to use the media keys/brightness and I’ll have to use the Fn key to access the F keys?

Usually I’ll need to start the BI(OS) to change the default behavior, but I think customising the firmware (HEADS + CoreBoot) has moved to user-land and I cannot find any documentation on how to access the firmware.


there’s no way to do this currently to my knowledge

edit: the Fn Tg key (function + rShift) should accomplish this, but appears to not be working currently


I’d be happy to reverse the PgUp and right Shift buttons, since I always hit the PgUp when trying to reach the right Shift… :rofl:


I was wondering what the Fn Tg key was! Where is this documented? Is there some place where I can see the code implementing that key (maybe in the embedded controller firmware source)?

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I was wondering what this was too and now can’t wait till it works lol. I prefer the media keys to be primary too, Im glad someone else is that way too


@Joe @lo0 the Fn key toggle is handled by the PS2 keyboard controller code in the Librem EC. A quick look shows that the Fn toggle key wasn’t mapped (Fn + rShift is rShift, not Fn_toggle)

Is there a way to map the Fn Tg key from BIOS? Or is this a hardware mapping? I want the media keys to work without pressing Fn key! What’s even worse is the Rhythmbox play/pause doesn’t toggle with space bar but restarts the audio file from the beginning. The list of weirdness is endless…

I knew this was going to be a steep learning curve, but it’s mostly been steep with little learning.