Change of email. Who do I need to inform

When I bought my Librem 5 I had FastMail so my acknowledgment of purchase email went to my FastMail. I closed that email account.
Does anyone know the Purism department I should contact? And their contact details. Please

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Do you remember your ID? You could login here and alter it:

Or is it? :

Maybe it’s both?

Maybe you know this answer Caliga?

When I first did the Purism sign-up, I put my eMail address in the info for and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but with the hindsight of knowing just the Mastodon and Riot work for free, I think I should change it to my external email address I used for billing and so on.

I should change it, shouldn’t I?

Is your Librem One account a Basic (Free) account?

I changed my residential address and the order wasn’t updated; I solved writing to .

more info here

Changing the address in the webshop account only affects future orders. To change the address of a previous order it has to be done by us.

yeah, and I solved writing to (to you then). Thanks!

P.S. there is the possibility that was all for nothing though, if Purism confirm that the T1 variant will not be offered with the Librem 5.

I wish I could be sure if you were asking me, @sherab_kelsang or @deedend.
If you were asking me, then yes, I’m so “Basic”. :grin: At first I was writing to feedback because I thought the Librem Mail and Librem Tunnel apps didn’t work correctly. I didn’t get the memo about the subscription levels and pricing. :hushed: #n00b

I believe that to have the mail service, you have to pay… The free Librem one services are chat and social, as far as I know

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That is correct. My mistake was guessing email was free. The tunnel guess was just n00b dumb. I’m learning through my mistakes. :wink: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: