Change the blue lettering

There are blue texts popping up in apps like PureMaps.
These don’t do well on a black/dark grey background.
So, I was wondering whether it is possible to change the color of these (system?) fonts.

(And, while we are at it, the same goes for the blue that is used in the whole OS: can this be changed by the user?)


I’m interested as well I wanted to use system wide dark mode but the font colours are not changable as far as I could tell.

They have to be, I would guess. Just not through a GUI (just yet).
Probably some settings file somewhere - just like the ringtone.

I guess it should be part of the gnome-tweaks app.

Could Yaru themes do the trick?

So, nobody knows how to go about changing the system colors?!

Today I found Gradience in the app shop. It says it is an Adwaita customisation app. Since I have the Adwaita dark theme installed, I thought this might do the trick. But so far it does not seem to have any effect on the colors on my L5.
Am I wrong in thinking this should work?