Change the number of allowed retries in librem key before it gets blocked(retry counter)?

Hi everyone,

I have had to factory reset my librem key twice now, because I entered my PIN and even admin Pin wrong three times each. The retry counter in gpg --card-edit shows three, can I somehow change that? 3 wrong tries are easily reached, especially if one doesnt see how many characters one has already enetered. And my pw is really not that simple that I could be guessed in a few more tries.

I would appreciate any info. Thanks

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I’m pretty sure the 3 tries thing is set in stone.

The key is just a USB interface for a small smart-card (looks like a sim-card from a phone).
It’s defined by a pretty solid spec, here is the link if you feel like some technical bed-time reading :slight_smile:

Thanks mekhos. Not the answer I was hoping for but now Im at least quite sure, that its not possible. Please somebody disagree (;