Changeable keyboard?

Just curious, is it possible to change the built-in keyboard? (Of the Librem Laptops - 13 and 15). The advantage for me from that would be to just don’t mind and by one now or a bit down the road (with a US keyboard layout) and then when maybe a German one comes along replace the US keyboard.


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Well it should be replacable, but no one knows when Purism invests in alternate keyboard layouts. I’d like to see a German keyboard and other European layouts in the near future, but for now we have to stick to US / UK keyboards I guess.
And you won’t be able to order just one keyboard that meets your requirements from a Chinese Manufacturer.

We certainly had this in plan, but at this point we cannot give predictions on when we might have international keyboards.

Is it possible to replace the keyboard yourself? If so, where can you obtain a replacement?

Nope, unfortunately.

I’m asking because one of the keys on my keyboard has been damaged. The hinge for my “G” key has been damaged… It’s a tiny piece of plastic, I would rather just replace the hinge myself than send the whole laptop in for repair as its still completely functional–except that the “G” key cap slips off repeatedly.

I can order a replacement from eg. , but I don’t know the make/model/hinge type that would be comatible with Purism…

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I found these links, but I still need to find the make/model of the hinge…

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I found these two German QWERTZ versions on Google and hope to help you.

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