Changed Encrypted Disk Password Not Recognized

I used the installed Disks application to try and change my passphrase for my hard drive on my Librem 13 v3, and now neither my old passphrase nor my new passphrase is being recognized. What do I do here, other than not fully shut things down so that the disk gets locked…
Please advise, thanks!

DO NOT SHUTDOWN! Else you will lose your data. You need to add another password to your disk:

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Alright, so now I’ve added a third key slot passphrase entry, and my original passphrase did work for this process, which somewhat confused me. Is there a way to verify that my new passphrase in key slot 3 is working before ever rebooting? Apologies for my ignorance, first time dealing with any of this. Two key slots had were enabled, if that is of any help here. Ultimately would like to change over to completely different passphrase at the end of this.
Thanks for your help already, and any further assistance you can provide!

See if the new slot is enabled, check this article here:

As a measure of precaution, backup all your data while disks are still decrypted.

All works, thank you so much!

Good to hear this. Just make sure not to use GNOME Disks in the future fpr changing password: