Changing boot screen font size

Since receiving my Librem 15 version 4, with PureOS and Librem Key, the boot screen font from power on to decrypt password screen (and following messages to login screen), is very small…too small.
Also noticed the same font size when switching to virtual terminals (ctrl+alt+f3).

Can any of you either tell me directly or via categories of research I should follow, how to adjust that font size?

If you break your install, do you know how to fix?

Have valid backup and can restore? Can do a live boot from e.g. USB?

To my way of thinking that would be a prerequisite.

My installation is not broken but if it were, some things I could fix and other probably not, depends on the nature of the failure.

No, I don’t have a backup at the moment, I should, but I don’t. Am working on that.

I can live boot, but I fail to see how that would get me closer to an answer to my question.

I’m not looking for hand holding here, just a place to focus my energy for this specific problem.
I’ve found that I learn in a more lasting way when I have a specific thing to focus my energy on as it not only answers my immediate question, but exposes me to other aspects of the system as well.

Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

No, it doesn’t. My point is that if you change something in the early boot environment and it does break your install then you had better know what to do about it. So best to tackle that first.