Changing email address in (revot)

I tried to change the email address used in my account to another one. Didn’t work. I deleted the one that already had been configured to try to add the other one as the only one. Didn’t work. Tried to re-add my email. Didn’t work. How can I set an email address to get notifications while not being online in

The way the server is setup, your Librem One username is your e-mail address. Don’t believe there is a way to have a separate e-mail address just for notifications within Matrix.

As far as I understood the dialog from the screenshot I’m supposed to be able to add more than one email address to my account in that dialog. Before I deleted the address I also had a field to add another email address.

I’m not asking to change my login which is said email (which I do not have in basic subscription).

I’m asking to get notified about missed messages to my email while not online which I thought would be a matrix standard feature I know from my other account (I’m about to substitute by the account).