Changing shipping address

If I change my shipping address will that automatically change my librem 5 shipping address as well?

I am moving and need it shipped to another location. Thanks.

Changing your shipping address on will not change the shipping address on existing orders, just for future ones. Before the Librem 5 ships we’ll be e-mailing folks to confirm their modem & power supply selection as well as their shipping address. Feel free to let us know then.


@Richard thanks for confirming that. i’ve been thinking about this lately and i couldn’t help but notice that in the ‘my-account’ there is no way to ‘delete’ neither the ‘billing’ nor the ‘shipping-address’ information. there is only an ‘edit’ button.

neither is there a note that says that even if you change your current email address the first one (the one you registered the account with) and the current one are being kept as a type of ‘custody-chain’ … people deserve to be reminded about that whatever they might decide after. i hope management is listening !

the same should be happening with the ‘billing’ and ‘address’ forms. a note that says how much the data is kept if no activity is registered under the account in question. and the ability to be forgotten if a longer period of time is required until a certain product is released (as is the case with the L14 and L5-evergreen).

i would think that this kind of issue should be covered under Purism’s SPC charter …

you can send an email to asking for your webshop account to be deleted. I know that is not what you are mentioning. But yes you can ask for us to delete the account.

And yes we took notes of what you said :smiley:

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but the real issues are that there is no GDPR type regulation on American soil so …

to me that seems like a bit excessive and probably opens up the gate for a whole other slew of problems. there would have to be limitations unless some bad people could abuse the system.

what am i even saying ? this is such a can of worms …