Changing Tenda WiFi with Mikrotik

What do you think about this Wifi ?
I’d like to change my current Tenda AC2100 router. Have no VPN, have open ports that doesn’t look good at all. I’d like to switch to opensource routers and mikrotik sems a good options.

That just looks like an Access Point to me, not a router? Not sure if you were looking for an all in one or not.

I run a Turris Omnia It is a great router that runs an Open Source OS! However, I had LOTS of trouble with wifi that I could never figure out. I ended up disabling the onboard wifi cards and used external wifi access points for now. Disappointed about that as its a very expensive device.

I have been using the Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD for about 5 years and have a very good impression of this device. However, Mikrotik’s RouterOS is not open source software, although it is based on the Linux 2.6 kernel. If open source router software is not a must for you, I can recommend Mikrotik products as good value for money. Mikrotik offers long-term software updates for its products, and these products have a wide range of customization options, but to use these features, the user must know something about network settings.

Auch. Yes, it is a requirement to be open source software.
I will look into Turris then or other WiFi home routers that have open source code

Possible options: