Changing the display

THe display is the part of a smartphone, which is often bricked. How can one disassamble and change it?

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Last sentence: “It is a phone designed for longevity with a battery, modem and WiFi card that are easily user-replaceable and with the remaining components also replaceable with a bit more effort.”

Unsure if they will sell displays as spare parts. But since they claim the exchageablity of componets to ensure long usage time they potentially do so. Maybe you ask directly:

If not, you maybe have luck searching for the model and looking on Aliexpress, etc.

Given that 70% of phone repair is replacing damaged displays, I would be shocked if Purism doesn’t sell that part. However, @nicole.faerber commented in late 2019 that the display was glued to the frame, so the frame and display would have to be replaced together. If it comes in one unit, I’m guessing that it will also include the Goodix GT5688 Touch IC and Focaltech FT8006P LCD controller with the Mantix MLAF057WE51 X display, which means that is will probably be expensive to replace a cracked Librem 5 screen.

Someone who owns Evergreen needs to verify if this is still the situation that the screen is glued to the frame and includes the two ICs. Unfortunately Purism’s video about disassembling Evergreen didn’t show how to replace the screen which is the part which is most likely to break on a phone.

My Google searches for ‘Mantix MLAF057WE51 X’ and ‘Mantix 5.7" 720x1440’ do not turn up any sellers, so I doubt that you can buy the display on your own.

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I would be great, if someone of the team would explain, how difficult the changing of the display is.